How to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum

How to buy bitcoin. Step by step.

 From bank account to wallet to purchase?


1) Download the  luno app. 

2) Go through fica verification process. Takes approx 10 minutes to do and 3 days to verify. 

3) Once verified click "add money"  in your luno app and follow the prompts till it gives u the banking details.  Make record of the reference that is provided as this is customer and bank specific. 

4) Do an eft from ur bank account and use the recorded reference. 

5) Check ur app over 48 hours to ensure funds have arrived. 

6) Buy bitcoin directly from app. 


The above steps take u to the end point referred to in above question ie "purchase". 


Assumptions I have made in above answer:

1) You are a legal resident in SA and posses a South African bank account with one the major banks. Luno lists all the allowed banks in step 3 above. 

2) you understand the volatile nature of and the risks in entering... the crypto market. 


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.  Please consult ur relevant financial advisor before making this decision.